How to install PlayStore on android emulator (for unsupported emulators)

First, open avd using vim.

$ vi ~/.android/avd

After that, use your keyboard and find your_emulator_name.avd

Press Enter.

After press Enter, you can find out config.ini

Press Enter.

You will see this kind of ini setup texts.

Maybe your file’s PlayStore.enabled will be false.

Like this

PlayStore.enabled = false

Make this to true

Like this

PlayStore.enabled = true

And after that, find out image.sysdir.1

Maybe your file’s image.sysdir.1 will be system-images/android-32/google_apis/arm64-v8a/

Like this

image.sysdir.1 = ystem-images/android-32/google_apis/arm64-v8a/

Make above like this.

image.sysdir.1 = system-images/android-33/google_apis_playstore/arm64-v8a/

Just change google-apis to google_apis_playstore

That’s it!

Restart your emulator. If you still cannot find PlayStore in your emulator, open Android Studio and open avd managers.

Wipe data of your emulator. It will work.

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