Install RVM on macOS


First, we need to install homebrew

Install GnuPG

brew install gnupg

Because of security issue, rvm uses gpg for signing.

So we need to install gnupg from homebrew

Install GPG Keys

So we have to use gpg before installing rvm.

We have to follow up installations from document.

Install specific ruby version through rvm

rvm install 3.2.0 // or another specific version

If you use macOS, you probably can get this issue while installing ruby version.

__rvm_make -j10 error.

So for fixing this issue, I found good solution from github issue.

I could install 3.2.0 version of ruby by following this comment.

openssl issue

The main reason we got this issue is Openssl.

Homebrew uses openssl@3 default (I guess)

So just simply remove openssl version 3 from homebrew, and install specific ruby version like 2.7.5. And reinstall openssl 3 again.

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