So first, I want to say “I am not an expert for both sides. I don’t even know what punk is, I don’t even know what metal is”.

This article is all about insights from my intuitions and experiences.

So there will be no formal research examples or links.

In this article, I will only handle with my opinions.

(The) Melvins

So first, I wanna start with the melvins.

Melvins is punk, sludge, doom, stoner metal band from America.

They have long history. The band was three piece band.

Their music style was originated from Punk. (in my opinion)

I cannot say Melvins’ music is Heavy.

They have really great albums and songs (Such as Houdini, Stoner Witch). But I won’t describe Melvins as Heavy Music.

But their songs are very loud and sometimes very quiet. (Such as song like “Shevil”)

So we cannot justify Heavy music with just loudness levels.

I think the reason why I think Melvins’ music is not heavy is their tempo.

Their tempo is usually very fast. and usually have no time to break down. (in my opinion)

So I think Melvins is more about Punk.


My brain said “Let’s go with Pantera” on the metal side.

So, I am listening Pantera songs right now haha. (to check out why they are heavy)

First, their music is heavy. It’s absolute. I think most of people cannot deny “Pantera is heavy”

Okay, then why their music is so heavy?

What makes people feel heavy?

I think the main point is also Tempo.

I am not saying just BPM speed. There is something invisible on tempo.

Maybe I think with the same BPM speed, we can write punk songs and also we can write metal songs.


So I think maybe it’s not worth to find out what’s the difference between punk and metal.

The important thing is we are deeply focused on the music itself.

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