The Importance of Small Ideas (that can be grown up to be bigger stuffs)

So first, I want to say the importance of the small idea.

Every big stuffs such as great arts, great music, great everything were started from the way smaller ideas.

That small ideas are really important to be existing for the future great stuffs.

I think we should treat small ideas very carefully and we should try to live with them.

So it can be remained with us for a long time. So we can take some time to grow that small ideas to bigger ideas or stuffs.

Or we can complete the idea through making some good stuffs.

The most important thing (in my opinion) is to care that small ideas like parents do care kids very carefully.

They are the youth of great masterpieces.

The easy consuming problem of SNS

So let’s think we got some great idea. (even if it is raw and not refined)

At that time, if we just consume that idea to SNS, that small valuable idea will be easily gone and faded away.

That ideas won’t have time to be grown up to bigger stuffs.

It’s like killing seeds before they become flowers.

So that’s why I don’t use SNS. For me, SNS is consuming machine of my ideas.

I want to make something valuable, meaningful, powerful than just consuming it away easily.

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